USA Incandescent Light Bulb Suppliers

Where to buy old fashioned light bulbs and tungsten filament style bulbs. Many people are annoyed with the flicker and toxicity of the new required CFL bulbs and would like to have access to the old fashioned light bulbs. Incandescent light has been around for more than 100 years and traditionally came in 100 watt, 75 watt, 60 watt varieties. Now instead of incandescent bulbs, because of the incandescent light bulb ban, most people are being “forced” to only use the new “energy efficient” bulbs.

But in truth, so many of us prefer the light quality and warmth of traditional light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs. Incandescent lighting has a lot of nostalgia associated with it and this will never go away. The old style light bulbs or filament light bulbs are now victims of the light bulb phase out and are becoming more and more scarce and hard to find dealers and outlets.

This website is intended to help you learn where to find vintage light bulbs, including Edison light bulbs, Thomas Edison light bulbs, antique style light bulbs and tungsten light bulbs. We list the US suppliers that have bulbs in stock and where you can get them. This includes incandescent light bulb shops, stores and sources.

Incandescent is sometimes spelled with the following variants: incandessant, incandessent, incandesant, incandesent, incandecsent.

Suppliers and Retail Outlets for Incandescent Light Bulbs